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We have an amazing climbing wall with 4 sides ensuring anyone from absolute beginners to pros can enjoy it and if you are good enough to get to the top you can enjoy a fun descent on our zip wire!
You can book the wall from anything from 30 mins to a day !
A climbing wall is a man made rock face with a number of differing climbing routes varying in difficulty from easy to more advanced. It has foot and hand holds attached to the rock face. To climb you are attached by a harness and a rope through a fixed point on the wall to the climbing instructor who will advise and guide you on the wall if necessary, but who’s main objective is safety. It is the easiest way to get an introduction to the sport of climbing as it has fixed hand and foot holds and allows the climber to gain experience in a safe controlled environment. 
If you are looking for rock climbing, then you can choose one of our amazing destinations where you can enjoy the climbing in really beautiful environment like Almodóvar, Espiel (Córdoba), El Chorro ( Málaga).
Details & Pricing
  Climbing Wall Rock Climbing
Duration 1 Go / 1 hour 4 Hours
Level All levels All levels
Age Recommended From age 5 From age 10
Includes Insurances, Instructor, First Aid, All Equipment Necessary To Do This Activity
Situation Active Facilities
 Espiel (Córdoba)
El Chorro (Málaga) 
What To Bring Comfortable Clothes and Sports Footwear
No. Of People Price for Climbing & Zip Line
Rock Climbing
Up To 5 People 6€ Per Person 1 Go
15€ Per Person 1 Hour
4 to 6 person
35€ per person 
6 To 10 People
5€ Per Person 1 Go
12€ Per Person 1 Hour 
6 to 10 person
30€ per person 
More than 10 Please Contact us For Pricing
Beginners course
3 to 4 person 40€ per person
5 to 10 person 35€ per person 
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